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I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona with my parents- a biker and a hippie, and a baby brother whom I adore.. I had somewhat of a different lifestyle growing up. My weekends were mostly spent on the back of Harley’s riding and exploring parts of Arizona, Mexico and California. I have a deep love for the desert. I am very passionate about travel and exploration.. road trips are one of my all time favorite things to do. This part of my life has been very influential on my photography. It is where my passion for photography was ignited.

I attended Brooks Institute of Photography with a focus in fashion and fine art photography. Through attending BIP and gaining hands on experience, I possess a solid background in photography and retouching. I made New York City my home for several years after school, such an incredible experience. NYC will always have my heart. Since then I’ve traveled around and lived in such places as Los Angeles, South Florida, and most recently New Zealand.

It is important to me to try to tell a story though my photography, especially that of my portraits. I am very passionate about all life on this earth and my mission is to share as much beauty as I can in hopes to provide inspiration, knowledge and the desire to make our earth a better place for us all. One love. xx 

Amanda Leigh