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"Amanda Leigh is one of the best digital retoucher’s I have had the pleasure to work with. She can take an image in it’s rawest form and create an image that any publication would be happy to have on their cover. Great team player and excellent under pressure, she has succeeded in meeting tight deadlines while assisting on special projects. Amanda’s talent is ever growing as she’s always challenging herself professionally in order to increase her knowledge and better her skills. She would be a positive asset to any creative team!"
Angela Griffin-Yarmak - Creative Project Manager, Philosophy

"Amanda Leigh has amazing photoshop skills and creates beautiful images. She has a "can do" attitude and is always willing to pitch in. She will make a great addition to any team."
Ann Myers Jones - Senior Manager, Creative Operations at Philosophy

“Amanda was always a pleasure to work with and brought great attitude to any situation. She is quick, has an eagle-eye's attention for detail and can be relied on to produce killer images in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.”
Araminta Atherton - Art Director, ideeli

“Amanda is an exceptional photographer, photo editor, employee and coworker. She does all her work diligently and with the utmost professionalism. She brings a positive attitude to work and makes a great asset to any creative team. I would not hesitate for a minute to work with her again in the future.” Sascha Leifer - Web Designer , VH1

“I love Amanda's photography almost as much as I love her sincere, it-is-what-it-is attitude. She's got a great command of Adobe Photoshop and a keen eye for what makes beauty more beautiful. She's also very personable... if you've gotta spend time cooped up in an office, she's great company to have.”
Rhonda Aburomi - Designer, Playboy Enterprises Inc/Club Jenna